So you can change your image with different tie knots

I have to admit, I am four-in-hand type of guy. Actually that’s the only tie knot I have ever know. It’s simple to do and it has always worked for me. So I haven’t really thought about tying my ties different ways. Not since yesterday.

I saw my coworker use a weird looking tie knot and it actually looked pretty cool.The tie knot looked something like this.

tie_ knot

So obviously he got a lot of attention at work that day because he had a different looking tie knot. The tie knot he wore actually complimented his outfit really well and the colors matched perfectly also. This got me thinking, how can I add something to my outfit with something as simple as tying my necktie with different ways. It’s really a great addition. It brings something different to your normal looking tie and suit combination. So I made some research and bumped into this website¬† From there I found 30 different ways to tie your necktie. There’s some really cool ones and I was able to find some that really complement my appearance.